• Reputation Management

    Articulate what the company or institution is and does before its target audiences.

  • Social networks

    Conceptualization, design, writing up, and applications to manage and interact with internauts. Content management through influencers.

  • Public relations and stakeholder management

    Definition of the interaction processes between the company or institution with its stakeholders to create significant long-term relationships.

  • Dealing with the media

    Facilitate processes related to information professionals: press conferences, press tours, meetings with journalists.

  • Customer relations

    Inbound Marketing, based on the attract, convert, close & delight methodology.

  • Communication for development

    Communication for social and behavioral change. Pedagogical mediation and popularization of communication tools.

  • Public affairs

    Relationships with key actors for managing development and socio-economic impact initiatives for the country.

  • Setting up events

    Conceptualization and logistics of institutional and commercial events, under the “turnkey” concept.

  • Crisis management

    Creation and management of protocols for handling contingencies by teaming with the top management of companies and institutions.

  • Social responsibility and development

    Consultancy and support regarding communication of business and institutional initiatives aimed at generating a shared value.